Under Section 7 (1) (a), Law Commission Act, Cap,. 3:09 of the Laws of Malawi

The Law Commission in accordance with section 7 (1) (a) of the Law Commission Act, 1998 and  in pursuance of  its powers, duties and  functions under  the Act  and  the Constitution, hereby publishes its programme of work for the year 2012.


1.1 New Programmes

(a)  Review of section 46, 137A, 153 to 156 of the Penal Code; Section 10 of the Civil  Procedure  (suits  By  or  Against  Government  or  Public  Officer)  Act; Section 35 of the Police Act; and the Local Courts Act.

The  Law  Commission  shall  carry  out  wide  consultations  and  shall  in consultation  with  the  Judicial  Service  Commission    appoint  a  special  Law Commission to carry out the review of the above laws.

(b) Development of Sentencing Guidelines

The Law Commissioner, in consultation with the Judicial Service Commission shall empanel a special Law Commission to develop sentencing guidelines. 1.2 On-going  Programmes

(c)  Review of the Witchcraft Act, (Cap. 7:02 Laws of Malawi)

The  special  Law  commission  on  the  Review  of  the  Witchcraft  Act  shall finalise  the review process and shall publish a Report containing  its findings and recommendations.

(d)  Review of the Chiefs Act (Cap. 22:05 Laws of Malawi)

The  Law  Commissioner,  in  consultation  with  the  Judicial  Service Commission  shall empanel a  special Law Commission  to  review  the Chiefs Act.

(e)    Review of the Public Health Act, (Cap 34:01 Laws of Malawi)

The  special Law Commission on  the Review of  the Public Health Act  shall