Welcome to the official website of the Law Commission. The Law Commission is an independent institution established under Chapter XII of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi. The Commission has the mandate to review and make recommendations relating to the repeal and amendment of laws for conformity with the Constitution and applicable international law. Our core business centers on Law Reform. We are required to amend and make recommendations regarding any matter pertaining to the Constitution. We also review any matter pertaining to the laws of Malawi so that they are in conformity with the Constitution and applicable international laws. Law Reform may involve just amending a law, or actually replacing an old law with a new law, or where there is need for a new law, developing one. After reviewing any law, the Law Commission makes recommendations by submitting a particular law reform Report to government through the Minister of Justice. Our recommendations may either be legislative or policy in nature.

Our work is highly consultative and we involve the public to participate in law reform through many ways. This website is one of the forums where people can get information and insight of the Commission’s work. Law Reform to us is a process that needs input from the people unto which the law governs. The Commission has always sought diverse views through application of different methodologies to come up with laws that are relevant to the needs of the people and based on public opinion. For a meaningful input from the public, it is necessary and important to make information on law reform easily accessible. We believe a well informed public make constructive contribution to the process of Law Reform. It is our hope that this website gives such information.